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Pathology Test Jacket Transparent Embossed Envelope 5”x11” Medical Record Cover, Findings, Health Data Lab, Patients Checkup Holder, Poly bag, Pouch, Doctor’s Prescription.
This is a simple, easy, handy solution for carrying documents in a safe and secure manner. This cover is nontearable, durable, waterproof, glossy, Transparent, Embossed, and printable. A transparent Plastic Envelope is very cheap, budget-friendly, and reusable. This is fast and easy to store, light in weight, and strong in performance. It has a side opening for easy retrieval of paper. This attractive pouch is also torn, wear, dust, bugs resistant, and moisture free.

Model Name- Pathology Test Jacket
Brand – Sahyogi
Colour – Transparent
Appearance- Embossed
Thickness – 80 Micron Approx.
Material- Synthetic
No. of Set – 1
Size – 5″x11”/12.7×27.9 cm.
Net Weight – 5.5 gram per piece
Packet weight- 5.5kg/1000pieces
Packaging – Plastic wraps
SKU- PTJT200, PTJT1000, PTJT2000, PTJT5000
Is assembly required – No, Ready to use.
Material- Fresh, Virgin, Recyclable, Non-tearable, Synthetic, Nontoxic, Tasteless, Wrinkle-free, Waterproof
Suitable For – Document packaging
Manufacturer- Sahyogi Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

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