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Medium Bag Transparent, Plastic Envelope 6.5”x9.5” Bank Holder Cover, Designer, Vinyl, Custom, Slim, Business , Payment, Transaction, Deposit,  withdrawal, Classic.
This is simple, easy, handy solution for carrying document in safe and secure manner. This cover is nontearable, durable, waterproof, glossy, Transparent,
Embossed and printable .Transparent Plastic Envelope is very cheap, budget friendly and reusable. This is fast and easy storage, light in weight and strong in performance. It has side opening for easy retrieval of paper. This attractive pouch is also tear, wear, dust, bugs resistant and moisture free.

Model Name- Medium Bag Transparent
Brand – Sahyogi
Colour – Transparent
Appearance- Embossed Glossy
Thickness – 95 Micron Approx.
Material- Synthetic
No. of Set – 1
Size – 6.5″x9.5”/16.51×24.13 cm.
Net Weight – 6.75 gram per piece
Packet weight- 6.75kg/1000pieces
Packaging – Plastic wraps
SKU- MBT100, MBT500, MBT1000, MBT2000
Batch No- MBT423
Is assembly required – No, Ready to use.
Material- Fresh, Virgin, Recyclable, Non-Tearable, Synthetic, Nontoxic, Tasteless, Wrinkle-free, Waterproof
Suitable For – Document packaging
Manufacturer- Sahyogi Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

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